We aim to provide a professional performance coaching services tailored to suit the individual needs and interests of our clients. We specialize in helping our clients improve their performance in whatever area they choose. We will work with our clients to identify objectives and remove any obstacles to fulfilling those objectives. Our aim is to motivate and empower our clients so that they achieve their potential. We aim to holistically support our clients in the accomplishment of their goals.
We treat our clients as an equal, and with integrity and respect. We pride ourselves on providing a professional, caring, honest, confidential and courteous service.
We aim to provide a high level of courtesy to our clients, respecting their confidentiality at all times. We will always do our best to provide a high level of service and fulfill the terms of the coaching contract. In the event of mistakes or dissatisfaction, we will work with the client to make amends and to achieve a satisfactory outcome.
Performance coaching is focused on, but not limited to the following areas:
Weight Management Coaching
Empowerment/Self-Esteem Coaching
Body Image Coaching
Work/Life Balance Coaching

Need help setting and achieving your goals or just improving some area in your life?
Call for a FREE 30 minute consultation by phone to find out how you can use professional coaching to change your life!
or EMAIL ME TODAY and let me help you achieve more!

email: namaskar.divine@gmail.com
skype: namaskar.divine
Phone: 973-506-9871

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