8 tips to boost your self-esteem

Here are eight tips to help boost your Self-esteem:

1. Make a self-appreciation list

Write a list of at least five (5) of your top qualities, the more the merrier. I know some of you can find millions of ways to criticize yourselves, so I want you to take the time to look for the good in you. These things make you unique. Carry the list around with you every day and read them to remind yourself what makes you special.

2. Make a list of past successes

Think about the times in your life when you have been successful at something, no matter if it seems insignificant. Write a list of all of these and remind yourself how you did them and how great it felt when you achieved your goals. Use these experiences to fuel your self-belief and confidence for achieving your goals in the future.

3. Don’t put yourself down

Take the time to tally how many times you speak negatively about yourself. This will help to ensure that you become aware of how many times a day you are telling people or yourself that you aren’t good enough or any good. This is a real eye-opener! Try it! It will help to reduce the frequency of negative dialogue.

4. Choose positive role models

We can help ourselves by looking at others in a constructive and positive way rather than negatively comparing ourselves with them. Look at others with a glowing self-confidence and notice their characteristics. Pick up words and body language that they use and add them to your own repertoire.

5. Accept compliments

Being able to accept, believe, and feel good about compliments is crucial to cultivating a high level of self-confidence. The best way to accept compliments is to look the person in the face, smile and say ‘thank-you’. This will in turn also make them feel good. Looking embarrassed or looking down at your feet and feeling uncomfortable will also make the person giving the compliment uncomfortable – no-one wins in that situation!

6. Positive affirmations

Using positive affirmations every day is really effective as you’re talking to your subconscious where all your negative thoughts are stored. Pick three strong statements, which literally make a negative self-belief into a positive one. For example, if you believe you’re not a confident person then ‘I am a confident person’ should be one of your daily positive affirmations. Say your positive affirmations out loud while looking in the mirror as this makes them stronger because you’re connecting with yourself.

7. Constructive self-talk

We all have an irrational and rational voice. Use constructive questioning on yourself to ensure the irrational voice gets less airtime than the rational voice. Keep practicing this, as it will give you an overwhelming sense of control over your negative inner voice, which is invaluable in many situations in life.

8. Take care of yourself

Take time out to nurture yourself. Eat well and drink less alcohol. Go to sleep early and exercise. Take breaks. This indicates to yourself that you are worthy of being cared for. Remember you deserve to take care of yourself and to be taken care of!

Use the eight tips and your self-esteem will skyrocket!


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